Monday, January 13, 2014

its a new year!

its a new year. and i havent been on this blog in about a year. so much has happened! and i have so much to be grateful for. here are some highlights from 2013....

1. went on a royal caribbean cruise! we have been so spoiled to have been able to go on 2 cruises since we have been married, thanks to gavin's work! was a blast. my favorite thing was probably swimming with sting rays. and just enjoying some sun and sand, and my husband,  (3 of my favorite things!) and a break from school and real life! we are pretty lucky.

2. lived in OHIO and sold for Vivint during the summer. went to 2 baseball games! (trying to go to as many stadiums as possible!!!) went to a pittsburgh pirates game vs. the dodgers at PNC park, and also went to a Reds game. both so much fun. i really miss gavin playing baseball and watching him. those were some good times! ohio was fun! it is always an adventure being off on our own. some other things that happened were; our car got backed into, so we had a rental car for a coupe weeks while it got fixed, dibella's sandwiches, GRAETERS ice cream-i become a little obsessed with this ice cream. it was so so delicious, went to cedar point amusement park-that was a blast! there is just something about amusement parks that i love. we also went to the ohio state fair, and that was so fun too! again, something about fairs and the greasy fried food, and the sketchy rides. gavin loved playing on the games and winning all the ridiculous stuffed animal prizes (including a minion from despicable me that rode all the way back to utah with us) rained 19 days straight while we were there, so there wasn't a ton of time spent at the pool. okay, thats a lie, there was still lots of pool time..just not as much as i would have liked. ohio is green and beautiful, and we lived in way nice apartments while we were there. (much nicer than what we live in in utah!) but definitely not as homey, because i can't bring pictures and all the things to make it nice and homey and cozy, since its for such a short time, and we don't have room. have to pack the essentials! summer sales has really been a great experience for us. gavin is really good at it, and has done well, and works so so hard, so it has been a blessing for us. and i am really grateful for gavin and all he does, and also grateful for the people we've met during the summer. its not an easy job, or an easy thing to do, but it has been worth it for us. 

3. two of my best friends got married! shelby and tom, and jamie and nico! i was fortunate to get to be a bridesmaid in both of the weddings, and fly to california to be there for themm. they were both perfect in their own ways, and i had so much fun being a part of their special day. i am so so grateful to have grown up with such amazing girls in my life, and that we have remained friends for so long! i look forward to having them as my friends forever!

4. ruby dell turned one!!! i wasn't able to be there for her birthday, but i still spoiled her and made sure she got her presents in time from auntie hayley and uncle gavin. once she got them, i was so excited about her opening them, i had heather facetime me and ruby opened them a week early! i can't believe how big she has gotten. i love seeing her and spending as much time as her as possible. i love that sweet girl. heather is pregnant again, and is due in june! ruby is going to be the absolute best big sister/ i can't wait. also, cory and his wife natalie are pregnant and expecting a baby boy in the spring!!! they moved to texas, so its a bummer they're so far away, but i can't wait to spoil my baby nephew! being an aunt is the best. everyone keeps asking me when we are going to have kids, and don't worry, we will..i just love being an aunt right now! 

5. after the summer we got home, and gavin decided he wanted to get a scooter!!! he was really excited about it. we found one on ksl and drove down to ogden to pick it up. gav drove it all the way back to logan while i followed behind him. that was an adventure. the little scooter definitely isn't meant to be driven that far..haha. but we made it back safely and gav loved driving it up to campus. gas literally cost like $3 to fill it up for the week. too bad he can't ride it all the time! dang snow. right now it's just sitting out, and i'm really wishing it was warm so we could ride it again!! i loved having gav take me on little rides on it. i tried driving it one time, and it didn't go so well...sooo, i leave the driving up to gavin. it's been a really fun little toy to have!

6. gav is one year closer to graduating from utah state! he will be done by the end of this year, and i'm so excited for him! he's worked so hard, and i just wish i was gonna be done too! oh well, just gotta keep pushin' on.

7. we celebrated out two year anniversary! which i absolutely cannot believe how fast time has flown by. so cliche, but its just the truth. so many good times, bad times, fun times, hard times, laughs, tears, bad days, good days, fights, and lots of love and hugs and kisses and good memories with my gavin. things arent always perfect, but i have so much to be grateful for and am so blessed to be married to my best friend and someone who works so hard, and sacrifices so much and always makes me laugh. wouldn't have it any other way!

i know a million other little things happened in 2013, but i can't even think of them and don't have time to write them all on here! we feel so so grateful and blessed with all that we have, and for our wonderful family and friends and health and everything! i really have missed journaling and want to be better. which i say alllll the tiiiiime. but hopefully i will really keep up with it.

till next time!!!! XOXO

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